Roadside Attractions

Kalyna Country – Western Canada’s Roadside Attractions Capital!

Vilna, Alberta
World’s Largest Mushrooms, Vilna, Alberta, located 2 blocks off Main Street, erected in 1993 as a symbol of the excellent mushroom picking in the area. 20 feet high and 18,000 lbs.





Glendon, Alberta
Glendon is a village in northern Alberta, north of St. Paul. The community has the maiden name of an early postmaster’s mother. In 1993, the town unveiled its roadside tribute to the perogy.




Mundare, Alberta
World’s Largest Kubasa (Ukrainian garlic sausage), Mundare, Alberta. Located on Highway 855. Erected in 2001 to symbolize the achievement of Stawnichy’s Sausage. 42 feet high and 6 tons.




Vegreville, Alberta

The World’s Largest Easter Egg! Pysanka comes from the verb pysty – to write. Why an egg? The story began in 1973 when the Alberta government established the Alberta Century Celebrations Committee to coordinate the centennial celebrations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.





St Paul, Alberta
World’s First UFO Landing Pad, St. Paul, Alberta. Located on Highway 28. Erected in 1967 to celebrate Canada’s Centennial. weight: 130+ tons





Andrew, Alberta
World’s Largest Duck, Andrew, Alberta. Located on Highway 855 . Erected in 1992 to symbolize the abundance of waterfowl and wetlands in the area. 25 feet high and 3,500 lbs.





Dewberry, Alberta

World’s Largest Chuckwagon, Dewberry, Alberta. Located downtown. Erected as a tribute to the sport of chuckwagon racing.





Lloydminster, Alberta
World’s Largest Sundial, Lloydminster, Alberta. Located in Bud Miller Mark Site includes the Border Markers in Canada’s only border city.





Willingdon, Alberta

World’s Largest Label Pin, Willingdon, Alberta. Located on Highway 45. Erected in 2003 to symbolize the area’s agricultural heritage.
Website: Willingdon Alberta





Smoky Lake, Alberta
Home of the Great White North Pumpkin Fair and Weigh-Off. Held on the first Saturday in October every year.

Come and see the giant pumpkins in Pumpkin Park.