Kalyna Country

Canada's Largest EcoMuseum


Kalyna Country - Western Canada's Roadside Attractions Capital!

World Records

Canadian Highlights

  • Canada's Largest Buffalo Statue, Wainwright, Alberta
    • Erected to symbolize North America's largest living land mammal.  There are also live buffalo available at the Bud Cotton Buffalo Paddock in town or at Elk Island National Park.
  • Large Canadian Oil Derrick, Redwater, Alberta
    • Erected in 1948 to symbolize the first oil strike that brought wealth to the region.  168 feet high
  • Canada's 2nd Largest Train Trestle (Fabyan), Wainwright, Alberta
    • Located near Wainwright off Highway 14.  ~35 trains cross here daily
  • North America Most Churches, Lamont County, Alberta
    • There are more churches here per capita than anywhere in North America.

Other Interesting Points of Interest

  • Angus Shaw Statue, Bonnyville, Alberta
    • Located at the Bonnyville Museum.  Erected to honor the explorer and fur trader. 7m high
  • Peter Fidler Statue, Elk Point, Alberta
    • Located on Highway 41.  Erected to honor the explorer and map maker. 32 feet high
  • Cree Indian Metal Sculpture, Saddle Lake, Alberta
    • Located in front of the Manitoukihew Centre.  Erected to symbolize the cultural and traditional identity of the Cree.
  • Pumpkin Park, Smoky Lake, Alberta
    • Located in downtown Smoky Lake.  Erected in 2004 as a monument to the successful Annual Great White North Pumpkin Fair - featuring 7 large pumpkins with the tallest standing 9 feet high and all weighing over 32,000 lbs.
  • Giant Badminton Racquet, St. Albert, Alberta
    • Located at 80 Boudreau Road in St. Albert.
  • Our Lady of the Highway Shrine, Vegreville, Alberta
    • Located on Highway 16 near Vegreville.  This religious monument is the only one of it's kind in Canada.
  • RCMP Memorial Statue, Waskatenau, Alberta
    • Located south and east on the Victoria Trail.  Erected in 1998 to symbolize the contributions of the RCMP.  Stands over 14.5 feet high.
  • Free Standing Clock Tower, Wainwright, Alberta
    • Located downtown.  This is the only one in Canada.
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