Kalyna Country

Canada's Largest EcoMuseum

Kalyna's Aboriginal Culture


Metis Crossing, photo by Travel Alberta

The Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is situated on lands that for millennia were the domain of a succession of Aboriginal peoples. Since the mid-1700s, the Native population of east central Alberta has largely been comprised of Cree as well as Métis inhabitants, who migrated into the region via the North Saskatchewan River with the establishment of the fur trade.

Of course, with time the Native and Métis inhabitants of Kalyna Country gradually settled and adopted agricultural lifestyles after trapping and buffalo-hunting were no longer able to sustain them. In the course of this process, a total of 10 First Nations Reserves and Metis Settlements were established in Northeast Central Alberta. The Cree and Métis have gradually overcome many of the challenges that they faced and today they are a vital part of the multicultural fabric of Kalyna Country. Their history is showcased at numerous local museums throughout the area.



Authentic Aboriginal Sites & Experiences

  • Amiskwaci Adventures
  • Buffalo Adventures
  • Frog Lake Massacre Historic Site
  • Kikino Metis Settlement & Resort
  • Metis Crossing, Canada's First and only Major Metis Cultural Centre
  • Out an' About Tours, Experience the "Beaverhills Story" & "Stories of Fur"
Plan your Cultural Vacation with our Visitor Guide
Provincial Historic Sites
  • Fort George & Buckingham House
  • Father Lacombe Chapel
  • Victoria Settlement
  • Saddle Lake Museum & Cree Indian Statue
  • Viking Ribstone Historic Site
  • Whitefish Lake First Nations

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