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The Churches of Lamont County


Lamont County has more churches per capita than anywhere in North America.  This county has a proud legacy as the birthplace of the oldest and largest agricultural settlement of Ukrainians in Canada.  As more and more newcomers from Europe made East Central Alberta their home, Lamont County experienced a remarkable churck-buidling boom expressive of their deep Christian faith. 

This rich spriritual heritage is still very much in evidence today, in the numerous churches that can be found in the throughout this municipality. 


Self-Guided Tours

Lamont County has prepared a Church Tour Booklet that provides self-guided tours of all County churches; with a short history and contact information. 

KalynaChurches Kalyna Cultural Experience

Highlighting Ukrainian culture - individuals and groups can now experience guided tours, education programs, as well as hands on learning experiences at a variety of attractions.  Contact Kalyna Country.


Etiquette Tips for Church Visits
  1. kalyna-museumChildren are welcome - however - parents are expected to keep their children close to them and not allow them to run around inside the church.
  2. Please remember that places of worship are sanctified structures and visitors are requested to keep their voices lowered, to refrain from unnecessary conversation and if you are male, to remove your hat.
  3. Do not enter the sanctuary (the area behind the iconostasis where the priests conduct the Mass) unless you are specifically invited to do so by a priest or parishioner.
  4. Although it is not expected, a small donation towards the upkeep of the church would be greatly appreciated, as maintenance for these sanctuaries is expensive.

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