Kalyna Country

Canada's Largest EcoMuseum


Highway 45 – Scenic Rolling Hills

Our tour of Highway 45 starts with the Village of Andrew, home of the world's largest Mallard Duck, the new Andrew Elevator Interpretive Centre and just south is Whitford Lake with three watchable wildlife sites. Heading east on Hwy 45 and passing north of Whitford Lake take Sec. Hwy. 645 to the junction of Sec. Hwy. 857: the southwest quarter on the corner is where the famed artist, William Kurelek, was born in 1927. Explore Willingdon and the neighbouring Boian district to the east, which were settled by Ukrainians and Romanians from the Austro-Hungarian crownland of Bukovina. Next, you'll cross a small valley north of Hairy Hill, named because it was a site where bison liked to wallow when shedding their heavy winter coats.

Continue on and stop to shop or golf in Two Hills, where you can also see a monument to the Ukrainian pioneers. Afterwards, continue east on Highway 45 through scenic rolling countryside that takes you past Musidora, Morecambe and Beauvallon. Check out the uniquely painted fire hydrants in Myrnam and stop into Derwent for a meal. Their wide streets were designed for wagons, but work equally well for motor homes. Once you've reached Hwy 41, turn north to Elk Point, or south to Vermilion.

Kalyna Country Map - Distance Chart

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