Kalyna Country

Canada's Largest EcoMuseum

Are you an Ecotourist?

If you are reading this guide and considering visiting the the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, chances are that you can be described as an "ecotourist". This term has lately become quite popular to distinguish a specific kind of recreational visitor from more traditional tourists. Whereas the latter might chiefly be interested in relaxing by a body of water (preferably on a tropical beach in winter) or spending time in a spectacular setting (whether it is Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, or the Rocky Mounties), typical ecotourists are keen on combining a hands-on educational experience with a short break or theme-oriented holiday. Ecotourism is sometimes narrowly applied to ecologically-oriented tours designed to familiarize people with a specific ecosystem, such as a rainforest or a desert. However, the term is now more commonly used to identify tourism that exposes visitors to the contemporary culture(s), history, and the geography of a particular region which is different from surrounding areas, and from long-established tourism destinations.
Of course, ecotourists may also engage in such customary vacation activities like playing golf and swimming, dining out, or seeing unusual attractions. However, part of their travel mission is to interact with local inhabitants, and to soak up the character of the places that they are visiting.
If the latter describes one of your purposes in coming to Kalyna Country, then you can consider yourself a bona fide ecotourist!

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